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"It's All Butta', Baby!"

I am committed to making luxurious and fun cakes. I prefer to use butter in my cakes and buttercreams. It lends so much flavor and richness that nicely balances out the sweetness of each dessert.


Every [buttercream] cake is layered with Italian Meringue Buttercream. Sugar is cooked to a sticky syrup and poured into whipping egg whites. This creates a thick and fluffy meringue. Next, pounds of room temperature butter and Madagascar vanilla are added and whipped until soft enough to nicely smooth over each layer of  delicate cake.

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 10_edited.png
Aerial View of Baking Ingredients_edited_edited.jpg

Red Velvet Cakes 

By using  beets to color and flavor the Red Velvet Cake, the moisture level is top notch. Whether you like beets or not, they are not a noticeable flavor in this dessert. Paired against 100% chocolate and a creamy Mascarpone Cream Cheese Icing, we are able to reap the sweet benefits from nature's jewel candy! 

Half Beetroot
Pink Cream
Pink Cream

Each cake is perfectly packaged and wrapped with a bow before being delivered

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