Frequently Asked Questions

*How far in advance do I need to order a cake?

-There is no magical equation for this.  I only take on a few cakes per weekend so be sure to email me as soon as you are interested.

If you are interested in a Friday Red Velvet Cupcake delivery to Manayunk, please e-mail by Tuesdays at 10pm.


*Do you deliver?

-Yes, but usually only on Friday evenings unless its a large custom cake.

*How much are your cakes?

-Final prices are based on time and materials.  However, the starting price for a simple single-tiered cake START at $3.50/serving or $85 for a cake that serves 20-25 guests.  Tiered cakes start at $5.50/serving or $190 for a two-tiered cake to serve 30-35 guests.

Cupcakes start at $35/dozen

* How do I order a cake?

-E-mail us with all the details including your budget, phone number, cake and buttercream flavors, date of event, and theme OR use our contact form.


*Do you ship?



*Are brides & grooms still ordering cupcakes or has that boat sailed?

-About 50% of our wedding couples order cupcakes and a small cake for their ceremony.  Don't hate the players or the game.  We don't believe cupcakes are a 'trend', we think people enjoy the fun and casual nature of an idividual cake for their guests so you should do what makes you happy!


*Do you make gluten-free cakes? vegan cakes? sugar free cakes?

-not right now but I am working on a low-sugar type of  smash cake for your wittle baby's first birthday